Goals-based investing offers a powerful tool to help steel clients against market fear and uncertainty by better managing human preferences, biases and behavior

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Tax Savings

Saving tax shouldn’t be taxing. Provides various avenues to optimize the investments to make them tax friendly, also making sure that nothing comes in the way of your goal

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Provides information on various investing styles accepted globally, along with their philosophy, which are often combined for achieving an optimal portfolio

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We are affiliated with the Edelweiss Group, one of India’s leading diversified financial services company, providing a broad range of financial products & services

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To shift the idea from investment to ‘Goal-based financial planning’ with a profound & holistic approach to manage your wealth


Take the first step towards securing your family’s future. PLAN. Your plans should reflect what you aim to achieve in the coming years, both for you and for your family. Such plans can be either short term or long term. Here are a few examples of plans that we generally have on the back of our minds, which more or less, have a defined cash flow obligation:

  • Buying my own House
  • Paying for Child’s Education
  • Create an Emergency Fund
  • Saving for Daughter’s Marriage
  • Spending on a lavish Vacation Abroad
  • Creating a sufficient Retirement Corpus


The next step, after planning your goals, is to analyze how much you need to set aside to achieve the same. This involves understanding not only how much you need to save, but also how much you would be able to save, in order to achieve your goal! And don’t worry if you fall short of the required investment, you can always top it up when you have the necessary funds. You can ponder over a few points like these:

  • Existing cash inflow
  • Existing Investments & Risk Profile
  • Home Loan
  • Other fixed cash flow obligation
  • Expected cash inflows
  • Insurance cover


The next step towards achieving your financial freedom is creating a financial plan for the future, based on the planning and analysis done in the previous phases. Such financial plan shall be prepared primarily on the basis of the risk profile of the client and the investible surplus. This plan shall be generated by our advanced technology backend, based on the inputs provided by your Financial Mentor


Coming to the easiest step, once we have created your financial plan, now we steer you towards achieving your financial goals. This shall involve continuous monitoring of your portfolio from our end, to ensure that your goals are achieved. While you sit back and relax, even you can track your financial goals, with the help of our ‘Money Manager’ platform.


At RichVik, your money is being managed by dedicated personnel, having a combined experience of more than 30 years in the field of finance and coupled with a resourceful partnership with Edelweiss, you can achieve more from your portfolio than you can possibly imagine

Once we get you on board, we shall track all your assets and make the same available to you in form of a single multi-asset report, thereby helping you secure all assets under one roof for easy management

At RichVik, we understand that each person has his/her own set of priorities. Hence, instead of going for a one-size-fits-many approach as followed by many, we prepare a tailor-made financial plan taking into account all your individual goals and requirements

We believe that life insurance holds significant value when planning your finances for long term. We shall provide you with the optimum amount of life insurance cover required, based on your investment portfolio

RichVik facilitates goal planning not only for you as an individual, but also takes into account family goals, that you have. Thus, it helps you track status of your family goals and well as your personal goals

With access to our online portal, you can track the real-time status of your portfolio, view & download any report for any particular asset class, or even for the consolidated asset portfolio

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

– Warren Buffett

It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.

– Warren Buffett

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.

– Warren Buffett

If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

– Jim Rohn

It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.

– Confucius

Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship.

– Benjamin Franklin

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest...

– Benjamin Franklin
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