Every time you set aside some funds as savings, the aim should not just be saving for the future. The real question that you should ask yourself here is: ‘What are you saving for?’ This is because when you map your savings to your goals, only then will you be able to tell if what you’re saving is enough.

In order to invest for the future you are restraining your current spending. There must be some future motive for this saving, some goal for tomorrow’s spending which outweighs the pleasure of today’s spending. Goal based financial planning allows you to distribute your money into different goals which you wish to achieve in the future. Rather than focusing solely on investment management and performance, goals-based investing is oriented around the individual investor.

After understanding your goals, we make investment strategies based on the basis of your:

  • Risk Profile
  • Existing Asset Base
  • Type of Goal

Goal based financial planning helps you to:

  • Avoid Under-saving
  • Save less, achieve more
  • Make informed investment decisions
  • Indulge in guilt free spending
  • Make future cash flow decisions
  • Evaluate & achieve Life Goals

At RichVik, we aim to help you achieve your goals with our three underlying objectives:

  • Planning for predefined goals and not just accumulating wealth
  • Understanding your need & wealth required to accomplish the same
  • Investing judiciously without compromising on your returns

“Don’t just plan for retirement, Plan for LIFE!”