About Us


RichVik Wealth Private Limited wishes to add value to their clients’ lives, by making a notable impact in their financial well-being. With a team strength of more than 30 persons, RichVik aims to shift the idea from investment to ‘Goal-Based’ financial planning with a profound & holistic approach to manage your wealth.


It has been observed that most people usually see investment, as either a complex science, or a financial gamble. They fail to understand that wise investment is actually a thoroughly planned process, to ensure long term financial stability.

Financial stability can only be achieved when the investor has both clarity about his future financial goals and such goals are mapped with guided investments. One of the most important elements for achieving financial stability is rationalization of earning expectations. There is no magic formula, it is consistent performance of an investment that makes an investor wealthy.

At RichVik, we aim to uproot the myth that only the rich can invest into capital markets. Capital markets are just a platform for investment, designed to suit everyone who desires to invest into it. RichVik is your Financial Guide to your financial journey, to help you create & achieve all your desired financial goals.

Remember, it's not RichQuick, it's RichVik